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Quick Start Business  
Click here for Alexis Romano's Simple Systems for Success (ask your coach for coupon code)

 1. "Steps to Build Your Isagenix Business"Audio 

A.  Check list to Get Started with Your Business

B.  Set up Your Income Goals

C.  New Money Worksheets 
    Earn Your Crystal Rank with Crystal Reset

    Rank Advancement Bonuses

    Double PIB

D. Business Promotions

2. Isagenix Compensation Plan 

A. Lynn Hagedorn's How We Get Paid

B. Isagenix Compensation Plan

C. How To MAXIMIZE the Compensation Plan *new

D. Compensation Plan Webinar

E. You +2 THEM +2

3. Make Your List
* Memory Jogger
* Use Referral Sheet and  to help with your list of people          
Qualifying Questions for a Business Prospect

4. Approach your List     

EX.Product:  "I'm so excited I'm just starting a nutritional program. I've seen so many people losing weight and gaining energy. You came to mind and I wanted to share the information with you. I'm just starting, but I'm working with a coach that can answer all your questions. Give me two good times that work for you and we'll call you to share the info."  

EX. Business: "I'm so excited I just partnered with a billion dollar nutritional co and you were the first person that came to my mind. I'm looking for people who are driven, coachable, health conscious or looking to make a change in their health, entreprenuerial minded and wealth motivated. Does that sound like you?"

5. Develop Your First Facebook Post   

A. Learn how to utilize Facebook to build your business
B. Develop your 30 Second Story 

6. Lynn Hagadorn's Leadership Mentor Calls    
Learn the foundation of Isagenix to set yourself up for success

A. Mentor Audio 1
B. Mentor Audio 2
C. Mentor Audio 3
D. Mentor Audio 4
E. Mentor Audio 5 
F. More Leadership Mentor Calls

Watch Alexis Romano's Training Event Videos 
password: Ask your coach
How to access Videos: Click on down arrow on top right of screen next to Thumbnail, Video Manager

7. Plan a Home Presentation

A. Home Presentation Guide

B. Home Presentation Flyer

C. Create a Face Book Event to promote. Make sure you personally invite people and confirm at least 10+ people. Plan at least 2 weeks in advance.

D. Create an e-mail blast

E. Isa Sales Tools

8. Training Calls

A. Monday Night Training  Training with Susan Sly                  
8:30pm EST    212-461-5860    Pin: 9150# 

  Monday Team System Training Call with Alexis Romano
9:30pmEST     605-562-3000     Pin posted on HB FB group
Presenting, enrolling, quick start biz, Facebook, Coaching, and Back Office

B. Tuesday Night Training     
Healthy Body Team Call with Alexis Romano
9:30pmEST     605-562-3000     Pin posted on HB FB group 

   Jeffery Comb’s More Heart Than Talent Call   
Personal Development/Business Training               
10:30pm EST   530-881-1300       Pin: 157213#  

C. Wednesday Night Training  Carole Taylor  International Team Call 
Overview of products, testimonies, and business.    
9:00 pm EST        212-990-2300       Pin# 9952#  

D. Personal Power Podcast

E. Isagenix Archived Training

F. Isagenix Business Website

G.  Isagenix Training Library

H. Jeffery Combs Recorded Training Calls

Post to your Facebook every Wednesday 
Join us every Wed night to listen to great results and stories ! Get motivated in 2014! Get connected with our team every Wed. Ask yourself "How serious are you about making a change in your life? Please join our International team call with Carole Taylor; top income earner and one of my mentors, to learn about Nutritional Cleansing! Clinical Nutritionist will give you background info on products and learn about how to get your products paid for & the business. Make the Call . . . It Could Change Your Life ! It has for me and so many others! CALL: (212) 990-2300 Code: 9952#  Every Wednesday Evening 9:00 p.m. (Eastern) / 6:00 p.m. (Pacific) Learn about AMAZING Nutritional Cleansing and Anti aging

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